Reminder messages are sent from the admin platform within a campaign. The campaign isn't a group of patients, rather it's the road in which a message travels TO your patients. Here are the steps to change the message:


  • Click “Mobile Campaigns”

  • Choose the REMINDER campaign and click the edit icon in the left hand column

  • Click Interactive Messages


Your message will appear in a green box on the left hand side of the screen. Once you have changed the message, double check for spelling or any errors (examples below) and then click Update.



NOTE: Be careful when changing the wording as to not change the data merge fields. [ ~firstname~ ~date~ ~time~ ]  IF you change these data merge fields, the platform will NOT drop in the information for your patient and your appointment reminder messages will be delivered with errors. Example: 


Standard (correct) Message & translation:

Hi ~firstname~, your appt is ~date~ at ~time~. See you then! 

Hi Bob, your appt is 1/1/18 at 2pm. See you then!


Edited (Incorrect) message & Translation

Hi ~ first name~, your appt is ~date~ at ~time. See you then!

Hi ~ first name~, your appt is 1/1/18 at ~time. See you then!


Even adding a simple space in the field or removing the tilde mark can trigger an error like you see above.