Automated recalls go out one time per week. You can select the day of the week and time on that day that works best for you and your team, but the most popular time is on Monday or Tuesday. Contacts in the recall list will only be recalled one time when they enter the window to recall.

Most popular recall time frames:

  • No appointment in 30 - 60 days (1 recall text)
  • No appointment in 60-90 days (1 recall text)
  • No appointment in 6-11 months (1 recall text)

Here's an example:

A contact hasn't been in the office in 30 days, and doesn't have a future appointment on the calendar*, the contact would receive one message while in the 30-60 day window of no appointments completed. 

(*Some practice management software do not provide us details of next appointments or future appointments on the schedule. You can email if you need clarity on your account.)

Why Monday & Tuesday are the most popular days:

Monday is the most popular day because it is the beginning of the week and most offices want to see if they can recall those contacts within the next few days. However, Tuesday is also just as popular because most offices have less of a rush on Tuesday, so they can dedicate a team member's time to replying to the contacts texting inbound. 

If you'd like to change the day, time, frequency, or window of time your messages are going out for recalls, you can email with this request.