Reviewing the birthday club is easy!  Login to the Admin Platform or Dashboard (

1.  Click the Contacts in the left menu bar of the dashboard


 2.  Click on the BIRTHDAY CLUB icon in the top right


3.  Click the edit button (image of a pencil) to the left of the birthday club name.  This will open your birthday club message and settings. The top section shows the settings, timing, and message that will send each day. 

Your birthday text will also have the birthday mobile web page attached at the bottom.  If you edit the birthday text, pay attention to the character count so you don't run over.  If you do run out of characters, your mobile web page will not work!

Prefer a video? Click below:

Additional Birthday Club Topics:

Auto Enrolling or Excluding Contacts to the Birthday Club

Within your birthday club settings in the bottom right section, you will find a list of patients receiving birthday greetings this month. You can filter by month by choosing a different month from that drop down and click “Update”.

Everyone will have a green “Auto-Enrolled” status on the right hand side.  If you wanted to take them out of the birthday club, click on “Auto-Enrolled” and it will toggle to an “excluded” status. You can change them back by clicking back on”Excluded.”

How to View Previously Sent Birthday Messages:

Birthday greetings will show up in the Reports tab.  In the left menu bar, under the Logs section, click “Sent Messages”. This section shows ALL messages sent.  To see birthday messages that sent, filter by selecting “Message” and then “Contains.” Now type “birthday” and then click “Go”. This screen defaults to the current month, so be sure the date parameters are what you are looking for!

Using the Birthday Club to Reactivate Dormant Patients

The birthday club is one of the best routes to reactivate dormant patients.  It is an easy conversation starter!  Follow these tips to make the most of your birthday club:

  • GIVE SOMETHING FREE - Everyone wants something free on their birthday, so why not offer something free to get them back in the office?  Some ideas include a free: adjustment, 20 minute massage, 50% off a product.  Remember to set a timeline such as "use within your birthday week."  NOTE: Some states have rules on what you can offer for free.  Check with your state and regulations before you offer something for free.
    • Make a video - Videos help make birthdays even more personal! Grab your team, sing happy birthday, and blow some streamers! Patients will LOVE it. Once you have your video, host it on YouTube as unlisted and send us the link! We're happy to help get it in your birthday club card!
    • REPLY, REPLY, REPLY.  When a patient replies with THANKS to a birthday message, it's a golden opportunity to win them back.  It's as simple as replying "I hope your birthday is going well. Hey, it's been quite a while, how are you doing lately? -Dr. Abc"  This opens the conversation for you to invite them in to your office! (Including collecting the free offer)