Where does the recall list data or information come from?

Great question! The information that Zingit receives is from your scheduling system. We are looking for the contact's last completed appointment with your office and whether or not they have an upcoming (or future) appointment already scheduled. This gives Zingit the information we need to recall patients that are possibly falling off of their care plan or regularly scheduled visits.  If a person has not been into the office in 30 - 60 days, and if they do not have an upcoming appointment on the schedule, then they would receive a recall message. 

*Disclaimer - each practice management system and scheduler works differently and provide us with more or less information. We do our best to have the recall list settings as accurate as possible but it is up to you and your team to review the lists as needed. 

Can I look through this list?

Of course! This list of contacts for recalling purposes is always at your fingertips in your Dashboard. 

1.  When you've logged into your Dashboard, look at the left menu bar and click Contacts:

Click on the Target Lists:

Click on the pencil and piece of paper icon to the left of the list that you want to open.  All contacts that fall within the category will be listed here.

From here you can exclude any person that you do not want to be recalled by clicking the red X under the heading Exclude.