Can I Make My Forms Use Less Paper When Printing Them?

Modified on Mon, Aug 30, 2021 at 4:11 PM

Yes, there are a couple of options that will make the your forms use less paper when printing them.

Global Settings

There are a few settings that are global and effect every form within your account. Follow the steps below to enable/disable these settings:

  1. Navigate to "More > Settings".
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab.
  3. Under the "PDF" section make sure that "Use compact PDF (smaller font size, less spacing)" and "Allow page breaks in the middle of questions (saves paper)" are checked.

Per-Form Settings

There are additional settings you can adjust on a per-form basis. The steps below explain these options and how to adjust them on individual forms:

  1. Navigate to "My Forms" for select the form you want to adjust settings for.
  2. With the form editor open, click the three dots in the blue bar, and select "Settings".
  3. Go to the "Advanced" tab and look for the section titled "PDF Settings".
  4. Here you'll see four settings, the main three that will adjust the size of your form printouts are "Use inline answers on PDF", "Hide unselected options on PDF", and the "Font Size". For more details on what the first two two, hover over the question mark beside them. The font size option simply makes fonts smaller or larger to save space on the printout.

Additional Settings

Another trick that can make your printed form more compact is to enable tables to be segmented into two columns. 

If you need further assistance to make your forms even more compact, contact us and ask us to customize the font size of your forms.

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