We get this question all the time and the answer is yes! As long as you have a landline that does not already have any text functionality (like a Google Voice or Skype number), we can register that as the number texts send out from. The term for using a 10-digit business line is long code technology. If you're currently using a 5-digit number provided by Zingit, that is called short code. 

Benefits to Long Code Technology

  • Patient familiarity - they recognize your number or at least the local area code
  • Ease of advertisement - you can say or display things like 'Call or Text us at XXX-XXX-XXXX'
  • Catch all capability - our technology allows for anyone to text your business line, even if they are not already a contact in Zingit or your scheduling system 

Benefits to Short Code Technology 

  • High volume communication - if your office sees over 200 patients a week, this is the preferred option for you. Short code technology is only used for Business to Person communication, it is built to support a lot of messages
  • Higher delivery rate - COME BACK TO

How to get started?

If you are interested in registering your business line as your primary texting number, contact our support team. We have a long code specialist who will help get you set up within a business day.