With Z-Forms, the patient demographics provided by a new patient on their intake form can be written to your EHR! Along with the new patient online scheduling, this technology helps automate the new patient conversion process.

How It Works

After a new patient intake form is marked as completed in the Z-Forms Dashboard, the patient demographic information provided on the form will write-back to the corresponding patient record in your EHR. The fields on the intake form available for write-back will vary by EHR and can be confirmed by reviewing the Field Mapping documentation. 

Getting Started

The write-back functionality for forms is available for select EHRs, with even more EHRs coming soon! To confirm that your EHR is eligible, please review the Field Mapping section for documentation related to your EHR.

If you are using Z-Forms, your EHR is eligible, and the feature has been activated on your account; no further action is required! The mapping for all available fields with your EHR is automated by Zingit. The patient information gathered in the new patient intake forms will be written to the patient's record in your EHR. 

If you are using Z-Forms, your EHR is eligible, and the feature is not yet activated on your account; please contact support@zingit.com to get started!

If you are not using Z-Forms yet and your EHR is eligible for write-back, please contact support@zingit.com for more information!