Zingit has developed a handful of website integrations for you. They help boost patient communication for potential and existing patients. Here is a breakdown of all we have to offer! 

Webchat to Text 

Zingit's webchat-to-text allows patients to contact you right from your website! You may have a 'Contact Us' button, but this brings the conversation right to their cell phones. A small chat icon hovers in the bottom right-hand corner of your website. This allows patients to enter their contact information. That information is both imported into Zingit and sent to you via email so you get their details. It also sends an automated bounce-back text to the patient. It could say something like "Thanks for reaching out to OFFICE NAME, how can we help you?" That message is of course completely customizable! 

This tool demonstrates the power text communication has on patient engagement. People rarely prefer to call an office, and most people do not answer calls from unknown numbers. This opens the gate to easy questions like 'Can I come in tomorrow?' or 'Do you accept all insurance types?'. It also shows how tech-savvy your office is. You are providing them easy ways to reach you before they even commit to an appointment.

Review Streaming Widget

Generating reviews for a business is a priority for you if you are on our Pro level service. Did you know that the review system lets you stream your most current reviews to your website? Online reviews provide so many benefits to your business. One of the biggest benefits is social proof for potential new patients. Now that you've got those reviews, it's time to display them. You can see the review widget in action on our site, zingit.com.

Online Appointment Requester 1.0

Our appointment requester allows patients to request a timeslot right from your website! It offers patients the ability to select time slots during your hours of operation. Once a patient fills this out, you get an email and they get a text confirming the appointment request. All you'd need to do is hop into your Zingit Workstation to reply to confirm or reschedule.

How do I get these on my website?

We will provide you a document with all our available website integrations. All you need to do is pass that to the team that hosts your website, and they will be able to embed them for you. 

How can I get my website integration document? 

All you need to do is reach out to our support team and we will generate those codes for you within a business day. Once that's done, we will email you the document to provide to your website host. 

If you want to learn more about Zingit Pro, please reach out to our sales team at 866-587-5572! We're currently offering 30 day FREE trials, so don't miss out.