Many Zingit clients want to duplicate mobile web pages so that they don't have to keep adding the same pieces of information to each mobile web page. For example, you can create a "template" of your own with your office credentials, logo, etc., so that you can duplicate the mobile web page when you want a new one. (This saves time so you don't have to re-enter the info or resize images over and over!)

To duplicate a current mobile website, you'll log into your account in the Dashboard

1.  Click on MOBILE TOOLS in the left menu bar

2.  Click on Mobile Websites

3.  Click on the PLUS sign under the duplicate section next to the mobile web page that you'd like to duplicate.

4.  Insert the letters for your URL (remember keep this short as it will take away characters in your text message) An example is Ab1 - Short and unique.

5.  Once you've duplicated the mobile web page, you can then go in and edit as you see fit by clicking the edit button to the left of the mobile url name: