One of the top support requests is adding a video to a mobile webpage, specifically, the birthday club card! Luckily for you, this is very simple, and Zingit Support is here to help!

Steps to Create a Video:

1.Find a place to record your video & set up your camera – A quiet space that has no echo is the place to go for this recording. You can easily use an iPhone or other smart phone for recording. Using a stabilizer or stand for your phone is highly recommended.


2.Assemble Your Team – Do you have any outgoing singers in the office? Anyone that is particularly camera shy to record the video?  Pick your front of camera and behind the scenes team.

3.Practice – If you’re singing Happy Birthday, practice a few times to get it right! If you’re blowing streamers and screaming, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” then get your timing right!

4.RECORD – Do a couple of takes, and pick the best one!

5.Upload your video to Youtube with the setting as unlisted:

Steps to Add Video To Mobile Website:

1.Go to your Zingit Solutions Dashboard by going to and clicking the login button

2.Enter your username and password to login

3.Once you reach your administrator dashboard, select MOBILE TOOLS in the left menu bar

4. Select Mobile Websites

5. Find the mobile website & click edit button

6.Select ADD IMAGE

7.Upload an image of your birthday video and add the LINK to your video in the link section.  (Don’t forget to hit SAVE UPDATES)


  TIP:  Pixel width needs to be 280 or less

  TIP:  You’ll want the PLAY button to be visible to patients   know it is a video they can click

8.  Use the ARROW button in the top left to move the video to the location you want it in your mobile website