To create a new mobile websites, you'll log into your account in the Dashboard

1.  Click on MOBILE TOOLS in the left menu bar

2.  Click on Mobile Websites

3.  Click on button at the top that says Create Mobile Webpage

4.  A new window will appear and you'll need to fill in a few places.

  • The Unique URL is what the name of the url will be. You want this to be as SHORT as possible (so it uses less characters within your actual text message.)
  • If you want a description for your reference, you can place it in the option description section
  • Page Title is important because it is what the client will see in their header when they click on the link, so you'll want something short and descriptive.
  • Once this is filled in, you can select the button that says Create Mobile Page. 

5.  Click the X in the top left to close the window

6.  Once your new page is created, you can then use the edit button to the far left in order to open and edit.