Reporting can be beneficial on many levels.   The Reports Tab in the admin platform will report on every inbound and outbound message.

Automated messages are only viewed in the admin platform.  These messages include your appointment reminders, birthday texts and automated pro messages.  The good news is that it also includes any messages sent or received from the front desk workstation.  It's a global reporting area for you to peruse at your leisure and it's easy to access.  

You'll need to log into the admin platform as this is where we house our Reporting Tab at the top of the page.  You'll find plenty of reports in here to keep you busy, especially if you're a high volume office.  Each report is customizable from a person, date or keyword perspective.

We'll highlight the most popular reports in this training:

Sent & Received - These reports are great for filtering through the messages that you have sent and received from your account.  You can also filter out communication with an individual patient.


These are the most commonly used reports. Depending on your office, you may or may not use the reporting feature, but they are here for you if you need them.  This quick video will walk you through the reporting as well:



Mobile Summary is a great report to show you all messages sent on a day to day basis AND there's a chart for those of us who are visual learners:



Drop & Go Summary will report on every Appointment Reminder report that has dropped into the Zingit Platform for your account:



For the Drop & Go report, you can click on the magnifying glass next to the file name to open the individual report.  This report will show the appointment information for this particular day.  For those that have an error, that's the platforms way of telling you that a report did come over, but it was empty. AKA the fabulous weekend schedule.