What is a Recall or Reactivation?

You likely have patients in your database that have not been into the office in a few weeks, or that have possibly fallen off of their care.  We all know that it's a lot easier (and cheaper) to get a patient to come back in to your office, than it is to get a new patient. Our solution is to recall patients using text by asking a simple question that expects a reply like "how are you doing?" When a person asks you how you are doing, it is hard NOT to reply! When asking this question, you will see all sorts of responses in your inbox from "I'm good, thanks" to "I was just thinking about you guys! Can I see you on Thurs?" to "I'm great! Work has had me traveling and now I'm home. Can I stop in today?"

Once they reply, you then have the power to invite them back into the office.  The one thing to keep in mind is ENGAGEMENT - some contacts might ask for an appointment on their own, while others will need a little back and forth conversation to get the ball rolling. That's 100% on you. You have the power to control the conversation. Engaging in conversation proves that there's a REAL person on the other end of this text message! 

There are two ways to do your recalls. There is the one off method from the workstation or the automated version with the pro services. 

Automated Recalls With Pro Service:

This feature is extremely popular because it automates the process, freeing your team to focus on the patients right in front of them. When a contact replies to the automated message, all your team needs to do is engage in conversation!

How it works: Zingit looks at the last completed appointment date that is saved by your automated appointment reminders when they flow through the Zingit platform. If a contact hasn't been in the office for a completed appointment within a certain period of time, then an automated message will be sent to that contact. 

Most popular windows*

  • No appointment in 30-60 days 
  • No appointment in 60-90 days
  • No appointment in 6-11 months

(* Keep in mind, some practice management software function differently causing different windows of time to be used.)

When the contact falls into the window, an automated message is triggered to the patient saying: "Hi Bob, I haven't seen you in a while and I just wanted to check in...How are you doing? -Dr. ABC at ABC Chiropractic"

Automated recalls go out once a week (we work with you on the timing that fits your schedule), you'll watch for messages to come in to the workstation and engage in conversation. It's pretty simple, all you're required to do is... chat.

Sending One Off Recalls:

Your account already has the "Recall / Reactivation" template in the workstation, so it is very easy for your office team to send one off messages to the contacts you're looking to reactivate.   You can generate a report from your practice management system that lists the names of patients who haven't been in your office in a couple of weeks and then send them an individual message from the workstation. In most cases that's 20 - 25 patients at a time and will take you roughly 5-10 minutes to send them.