Adding an icon on your desktop (also known as a shortcut) is easy to do! It makes work life so simple when all you have to do is double click and your icon opens up the workstation! Best practice is to create a shortcut on as many computers in your office that you need, so that you can easily access the Zingit system from any computer in the office.

Steps To Create a Workstation Shortcut (new responsive platform)

1.  Go to and click the login button to enter your username and password

2.  Select WORKSTATION in the left menu bar 

3.  Click the word LAUNCH

4.  Minimize the workstation screen so you can see your desktop in the background

5.  Click and grab the icon in the URL bar, and drag it to the desktop

This will add a workstation icon to your desktop. You can right-click on the icon and rename it if you would like. This icon should be opened daily so you can manage all of your inbound messages.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us.  We are here to help!