Opting In

Did your contact accidentally opt out by replying to one of your text messages with STOP, QUIT, or more commonly, CANCEL?  These are common words used to help the platform know when a contact does not want to receive messages from you. If your contact didn't intend to opt out, don't worry, we have the steps to get them back into your platform and chatting with you right away! 

This video will walk you through the steps in the front desk workstation that you use daily:

Every once in a while, an office still has some difficulty opting a patient back in through the workstation. Your next step is to opt them in through the admin portal. Here are the steps to opting the patient back in:

1. Go to www.zingitsolutions.com and click the login button.  Enter your username and password

3. Select MESSAGING in left menu bar, then select MOBILE CAMPAIGNS

4.  Click Opt-In next to the campaign that they need to be opted back into

5.  Enter the mobile number

6.  A box will update saying that you opted the number in! Close that box using the X in the right corner, and you’re good to go!

If you are still having difficulties opting the patient back into your platform, please email support@zingitsolutions.com for assistance.