Creating templates allows for fast conversations.  Asking short questions that expect a response, increases patient engagement.

The video below will show you how to create new templates and edit existing templates. 

1.  In the workstation, click on Message Templates in the left menu bar:

2.  To create a new template, click on Add One-Time Template at the top

3.  Enter the name of the message (this will appear in your drop down), and enter the message in the message box. When finished, click the save button.

If you're looking for ideas for new templates, below is a list of common additions.

  • First Appointment - What to expect:  
    • "Your 1st appt w/ ABC Chiropractic is ~date~ at ~time~. Click the link below for what to expect! -Dr. ABC {LINK}"
  • Thanks for your referral:
    •  "Thanks for trusting us with your health, and we are thankful,a s always, for your referral"
  • Reactivate from Birthday Card: 
    • "Hope your birthday is going well! Hey, it's been quite a while, how are you doing these days? -Dr. ABC"
  • Response templates like: 
    • "Ok great, see you soon" or "I understand, are you able to come in tomorrow same time?"

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We have a fantastic support team that is always here to help!